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Zoë Williams, “Crystal Magic”
February 22nd – March 22nd, 2020
Opening Reception: March 22nd, 2020, 6-8pm

Haven Gallery is pleased to present Zoë Williams for her first solo show, “Crystal Magic”. Zoë utilizes the art of needle felting to create imaginative animal sculptures. This new body of work features bold colored crystals and her signature white felt to portray the individuality of each piece. Her crystals are handmade in resin and curated with vivid hues and gradients; each one catches the light and celebrates the life energy and splendor of her beings. Often finding inspiration from dreams, folklore, mythology and the Collective Unconscious, Zoë carefully manipulates wool to achieve a high level of detail.

More about the artist:
Zoë Williams creates otherworldly creatures inspired by dreams, animals, and the Collective Unconscious. Her recent work in particular is influenced by vaporwave ( a e s t h e t i c ) and kawaii subcultures and incorporates handmade resin crystals in addition to her signature white felt.
Born in 1983 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Zoë Williams holds a BA in Fine Art from the University of New Orleans and a Certificate in Fiber Art from the University of Washington. She has been creating sculptural needle felt since 2008 and her work has been exhibited in galleries worldwide. She currently lives and works in New York City.

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