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Jon Ching
January 16th – February 14th, 2021

Haven Gallery is pleased to present Hawiian born artist Jon Ching for his first solo show at the gallery entitled, “Sacrosanct”. “Sacrosanct” will consist of eight new oil paintings that reflect Ching’s affection and reverence of the natural world. Growing up in Hawaii, and now living in California, the vast beauty and majesty of his surroundings continually serves as inspiration for his life and art. Ching’s paintings are a harmonious enosis of nature’s kingdom. A poly symbiosis of all organic beings is a major theme as animals, fauna, fungi and crystals, magically and resplendently defy the natural order and are canonized accordingly.

In describing his this collection, Ching notes:

“In Sacrosanct, a word defined as being too important to be interfered with, I envision the divine manifested in nature. These sprites, deities and divine creatures each have their own idiosyncratic domains of which they nurture and protect, keeping the balance of the vast interconnected web of life. My portraits offer a glimpse of their majesty and the magic they possess.”

Each composition reflects its own unique world that focuses on what the artist refers to as “fauna creatures”. These beings are a reflection of the Ching’s ideals and an amalgamation of all organic life representing the intrinsic divine nature in each organism. Painted with regal compositions and monarchally lush palettes, each work captivates and appears to hold all the knowledge of the universe. The sitter is a sacred and ascended entity confronting the viewer through the use of captivating palettes and compositions, and reminding us of the magnitude of all life, big and small, that we humbly share our lives and planet with.

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