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“Into the Woods” is a group show focused on the bi-fold nature of the forest. The mystery, intrigue and surmised dangers of the woods make it an untrodden domain for some. While others find a home and haven in the beauty of the fecund faunascape. This exhibition explores the physical and metaphorical nature of this integral eco-system embracing personal tales, folklore and more.

Artists include: Adam Oehlers, Robert Kraiza, Mahlimae, Lara Dann, Marc Scheff, Anka Lavriv, Hannah Yata, Jean-Pierre Arboleda, Mab Graves, Brin Levinson, Gustavo Rimada, Poppy Lawman, Thomas Dodd, Chris Mars, Shane Pierce, William Basso, Nicole Palapoli, Rain, Paul Romano, Scott Radke, Christina Ridgeway, Joseph Weinreb, Brian Mashburn, Allen WIlliams and Vince Natale

Cover Artwork by Rain

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