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“History of Art” Group Show
February 25th – April 2nd, 2017
Opening Reception, Saturday, February 25th, 2016, 6-8pm

Northport, NY– Haven Gallery is pleased to present “History of Art” a group exhibition of paintings, drawings and photography that hark back to the styles, themes and techniques of our creative predecessors. Artists are asked to look to a historical work or genre and reinterpret said aesthetic in their own style. Inspiration from poetry, art movements, paintings, sculptures and more make up much of this exhibition. The importance and relevancy of the arts, both historical and contemporary, reverberates through the reclamation of tenets and tales, old and new, as the universality and communicative nature of these virtuosities remains indubitable. The significance of the ubiquity of artistic canons in combination with the historical reflection of society from economic, political and social standpoints serves to teach us of not only our past, but our present and future as well.

Exhibiting Artists Include:
Tom Bagshaw
Alex Garant
Henry Schreiber
Thomas Dodd
Luna Milly
Ingrid Tusell
Omar Rayyan
Shane Scribner
Mandy Tsung
Joseph Weinreb
Kelly Houghton
Kelsey Beckett
Michael C. Hayes
Angie Mason
Jessica Joslin
June Leeloo
Scott Fischer
Daniel Williams

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